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  • Some stupid user is creating fake accounts and making fonts with trademarked names again. For some reason, he/she is particularly fond of a Chinese medicine that cures mouth ulcers (西瓜霜). One account is User:zdefu and User:zdefu. Is this inconsiderate user from China? hkcs 03:57, 8 August 2016

Kanji of Japan

  • I cannot find a copy of Hiroyuki Sasahara's Kanji of Japan that is available in the US. Could someone make a PDF of it?

Page Display

  • Can we set to change the default image from png to svg? As png is bitmap and svg is vector, svg display better on high resolution monitor... hkcs 02:51, 13 September 2015
  • Here's a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script to accomplish this:
  • (日本語で書きます)一般的なブラウザーが問題なくSVG形式の画像を表示できると判断したら切り替えて良いと思います。検討します。--kamichi 2016年9月28日(水) 08:01

About H-glyphs

  • the H-glyph in Unicode chart for Big-5 characters (those marked HB1-xxx, HB2-xxxx) is not actually from Hong Kong. Due to certain issues in including H-source, the HB1-xxxx and HB2-xxxx have used the Taiwan glyph erroneously, which does not follow the HK guideline/HK standard. If you inspect carefully, you can find the HK glyph and Taiwan Glyph are completely exact copies (same coordinates, same positioning).
  • The proper regional glyph for HB1-xxxx and HB2-xxxx is scheduled to be ready this year. Currently only H0-xxxx is following Hong Kong standard. Not sure if the H-glyph should use the proper glyph as outlined in the industry guideline or the existing erroneous glyph? chanhenryfaihang

  • As I understand it, the -h suffix is for the H glyph in the charts. If it is true that the current Unicode glyphs are erroneous, then perhaps it is best to discuss the issue with User:kamichi or at GlyphWiki:井戸端. umbreon126 2015年2月4日(水) 16:18

  • Source of my information is from an email to the IRG Rapporteur Ms. Qin Lu on Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 10:44 AM (+0800) --
Hong Kong does not follow T's glyph. Whatever is shown in the Unicode database is for indication. I think they take whatever data they have at hand... The fact is, HK has been using the font supplied for the Taiwan market, so, correct or not, if they keep these positions empty, vendors may think HK do not need these characters when in the H locale.

Currently, HK government is working on "correcting" the glyphs in the Big5 character collection. It is targeted to be published in earlier 2015.

    • Suffix "-propose" does not follow the naming guideline of GlyphWiki. There are some other ways to make the glyphs you want.
    • (1) Propose a new prefix for glyphs with explanations and the source of character set.
      (2) Use the existing glyph groups that are related with 常用字字形表. One is "lgccc" glyphs for 常用字字形表. The other is "hka" glyphs for the HKSARG collection of IVD (Is this what Ms. Qin Lu talks about?). See Group:prefix-hka and Group-talk:prefix-hka. Since GlyphWiki aims at implementing all encoded ideographs, volunteers who make hka glyphs are especially welcome.
      (3) Use user-owned glyphs. --ziyang 2015年2月4日(水) 18:46

  • I agree to No.2. (use "hka" prefix; Group:prefix-hka and Group-talk:prefix-hka) --kamichi 2015年2月4日(水) 20:35
    • If you want to use glyphs name including UCS(Unicode) code point, use someting different prefix such as "h-propose-u####". --kamichi 2015年2月4日(水) 20:35

  • According to Ms. Qin Lu, the characters in the HB0/HB1/HB2 sources in the H-source column of the Unicode charts are not glyphs submitted by the HKSARG, but glyph substitutions automatically performed by the Unicode Consortium for illustration purposes only. According to Ms. Lu no HB0/HB1/HB2 glyphs exist in the ISO/IEC 10646 specification. The H-source glyphs are scheduled to be updated. According to my understanding, the IVD collection is only a subset for the new glyphs, namely those which differ from that specified in the Big5 Industrial Standard. chanhenryfaihang 22:39, 7 February 2015

  • Correction, it should be HB0/HB1/HB2 instead of just HB1/HB2 or HB0/HB1. Corrected the previous comment chanhenryfaihang

    • I see "hka-" glyphs do not fully cover Big5. It seems that the glyphs for the Hong Kong standard need a new prefix ("h-propose-" or something else).
    • Anyway, glyphs with "-h" suffix should rely on the Unicode code chart. If they are replaced by the HK standard glyphs in the future,"-h" glyphs in GlyphWiki will follow. --ziyang 2015年3月1日(日) 00:09

      • Agreed. FYI, "hka-" glyphs cover only the character set specified in Big-5, and which the glyphs are seen as different from Big-5 technical standard or the MOE Songti Standards. Where no hka- glyph exist, it is assumed that the Taiwan glyph is usable. chanhenryfaihang

  • A new version of document about 制訂香港中文異體字的編碼及字形規範 erases the part of IVS. The prefix "HKA-" is replaced by "HB-", which is used for the proposed 《香港字符集》( IRGN2074 ). Does this mean HKSARG abandons a plan of introducing IVS? Perspectives of those who are familiar with situations in Hong Kong would be welcome.
  • If so, the prefix "hka-" in GlyphWiki becomes useless. At the same time, creating a new prefix is considered as one of solutions for making UCS glyphs that conform the Hong Kong standard. "hka-" may be reused as a temporary collection that accommodates such glyphs. For this purpose, "hka-" can be followed by any codes in the Big5 code space. When the glyphs in the UCS/Unicode code chart is replaced by those which conform the Hong Kong standard, UCS-h glyphs in GlyphWiki will be (re)placed by the hka-glyphs mechanically. What do you think about it? --ziyang 23:10, 10 June 2015

About sawn- (Sawndip) gryphs

  • The Japanese-speaking user community became aware that some miscommunication happened to "sawn-" gryphs (GlyphWiki:井戸端). Those gryphs refer to Sawndip.ttf (can be downloaded from here ). It seems that a newer font (HuanZhuangziSong.otf, can be downloaded from here ) was developed at GlyphWiki (English-named groups under Group:Sawndip). While the development process was not well recognized among the community, the developer (I do not know about them) did not have a proper prefix, and used IDSs and links to sawn-glyphs. Later, other users blanked some IDSs, because they thought the IDSs became obsolete (encoded at Ext.E, etc.).
  • HuanZhuangziSong.otf would be a valuable resource for researchers, and losing the original data at GlyphWiki is ridiculous. We need to reconstruct and preserve the data for those gryphs by giving them an appropriate prefix of gryph set.
    There are two options. One is to change the reference of "sawn-" from the old font to the new one. The other is to give the new one a new prefix. Comments and suggestions are welcome. --ziyang 23:24, 13 July 2015

  • The first option is now implemented. Group:SAWN外字 re-defines the "sawn" gryph so that it contains the data of HuanZhuangziSong.otf . Group:Working-SawnNewBuild describes the transition process (I am sorry I did not have enough time to prepare a document in English). After the transition, the Sawndip gryph data will be easily maintained and can be improved in the GlyphWiki community. I hope the developer of the font will take an initiative. --ziyang 22:09, 19 July 2015