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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:削除の方針@11.

Currently, the target of deletions according to administrators below are as follows. Policies might continue to be updated after consideration. Both are decided by the administrator.

For data deletions by contributors, please see "About deletions(GlyphWiki:削除について)".

  • Information with political, religious, or social issues. 
  • Something that copyright infringes the rights of others. 
  • When there's a simple flaw in work and a retouched fix has already been done elsewhere. 
  • Spamming.
  • When a particular personal name is specified.
  • Defamation, provocation, or other forms of harassment directed at other users (registered users, administrators), as well as causing inconvenience to other users. 
  • Something which you think is not being used as it was intended. 
  • Has a negative effect on the maintenance of Glyphwiki.

Furthermore, the method of deletion is to blank out the version pure white and to revert the content to its previous version. Otherwise, if the previous version doesn't exist, just leave the blank version as it is.