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Ratio of glyphs implemented: 100% (160 glyphs implemented, 0 pending)

Font file

Glyph collection

aj1-01133 aj1-01142 aj1-01151 aj1-01202 aj1-01205

aj1-01207 aj1-01216 aj1-01228 aj1-01243 aj1-01247

aj1-01252 aj1-01320 aj1-01376 aj1-01383 aj1-01398

aj1-01402 aj1-01408 aj1-01481 aj1-01489 aj1-01494

aj1-01545 aj1-01569 aj1-01605 aj1-01626 aj1-01660

aj1-01662 aj1-01666 aj1-01698 aj1-01722 aj1-01735

aj1-01772 aj1-01779 aj1-01781 aj1-01791 aj1-01805

aj1-01850 aj1-01863 aj1-01876 aj1-01892 aj1-01909

aj1-01981 aj1-01998 aj1-02054 aj1-02059 aj1-02085

aj1-02135 aj1-02165 aj1-02168 aj1-02170 aj1-02171

aj1-02191 aj1-02313 aj1-02314 aj1-02368 aj1-02407

aj1-02428 aj1-02429 aj1-02445 aj1-02508 aj1-02523

aj1-02544 aj1-02588 aj1-02598 aj1-02630 aj1-02709

aj1-02717 aj1-02718 aj1-02720 aj1-02721 aj1-02729

aj1-02747 aj1-02766 aj1-02839 aj1-02845 aj1-02876

aj1-02909 aj1-02919 aj1-02924 aj1-02933 aj1-02990

aj1-02995 aj1-03033 aj1-03044 aj1-03046 aj1-03056

aj1-03086 aj1-03100 aj1-03105 aj1-03112 aj1-03136

aj1-03138 aj1-03141 aj1-03148 aj1-03244 aj1-03251

aj1-03262 aj1-03263 aj1-03266 aj1-03295 aj1-03341

aj1-03357 aj1-03359 aj1-03379 aj1-03384 aj1-03412

aj1-03432 aj1-03460 aj1-03465 aj1-03477 aj1-03489

aj1-03495 aj1-03505 aj1-03506 aj1-03520 aj1-03538

aj1-03603 aj1-03613 aj1-03614 aj1-03619 aj1-03626

aj1-03628 aj1-03657 aj1-03671 aj1-03742 aj1-03750

aj1-03813 aj1-03819 aj1-03822 aj1-03832 aj1-03846

aj1-03848 aj1-03868 aj1-04034 aj1-04035 aj1-04036

aj1-04055 aj1-04228 aj1-04332 aj1-04368 aj1-04433

aj1-04454 aj1-04796 aj1-04943 aj1-05629 aj1-05704

aj1-05707 aj1-05741 aj1-05937 aj1-05976 aj1-06001

aj1-06258 aj1-06310 aj1-06325 aj1-06481 aj1-06510

aj1-06537 aj1-06662 aj1-07152 aj1-07248 aj1-07362