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About Sawndip

Sawndip are the CJK ideographs traditionally used by the Zhuang. Whilst over 11,000 Sawndip are already in Unicode 10, and over another 1,400 are in collections of CJK ideographs already submitted to IRG, these are only a fraction of all Sawndip. Glyphwiki currently has all Unicode CJK ideographs that are Sawndip and over 9,000 Sawndip not yet in Unicode but document in the Digital Sawndip Platform Project(DSPP) fonts. The total number of Sawndip is estimated to be over 50,000, with at least half not in Unicode 10.

Some Sawndip are shown below:-

CJK Ideographs Main Block (URO)

u549f bak (mouth)

u4f1d vunz (person)

Extension A

u4180 ndaem (to plant)

Extension B

𦘭 u2662d daengz (to arrive).

Extension C

𪽖 u2af56 naz (paddy field).

𫖂 u2b582 naj (face).

In Ext E (see also(Group:古壮字一覧-ExtE収録分))

𫩵 u2ba75-g ndaej (to gain)

𫩒 u2ba52 gwn (to eat)

Ext F

𬻮 u2ceee lai (many, much).

𬻤 u2cee4 nding (red)


󵝞 uf575e(sawn-f575e) * mae (a thread)


󰗊 uf5e62(sawn-f05ca) * faeq (a bat)

Not yet submitted to Unicode

󳒑 uf3491(u2ffa-u8fb6-u4f60) * neix (this).

(*DSPP PUA code points)

Sawndip Projects

There are several projects to produce Sawndip glyphs on glyphwiki that are all interrelated to a degree.




Group:IRGN1886Sawndip Sawndip proposed by China for Extension F

Group:SawndipSawdenj Characters from the dictionary "Sawndip Sawdenj", or 《古壮字字典》.

Group:SawndipA Characters in 《古壮字文献选注》 but not in the above Dictionary

Group:SawndipB Other Sawndip neither in the the dictionary nor SawndipA group.

Group:SawndipC Other Sawndip neither in the the dictionary nor SawndipA-B groups.

Group:SawndipD Other Sawndip neither in the the dictionary nor SawndipA-C groups.

Group:SawndipE Other Sawndip neither in the the dictionary nor SawndipA-D groups.

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