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Ratio of glyphs implemented: 100% (146 glyphs implemented, 0 pending)

Font file

Glyph collection



Parenthesized Ideographs

u3220 u3221 u3222 u3223 u3224 u3225 u3226 u3227 u3228 u3229 u322a u322b u322c u322d u322e u322f u3230 u3231 u3232 u3233 u3234 u3235 u3236 u3237 u3238 u3239 u323a u323b u323c u323d u323e u323f u3240 u3241 u3242 u3243

Circled Ideographs from ARIB STD B24

u3244 u3245 u3246 u3247

Circled Ideographs

u3280 u3281 u3282 u3283 u3284 u3285 u3286 u3287 u3288 u3289 u328a u328b u328c u328d u328e u328f u3290 u3291 u3292 u3293 u3294 u3295 u3296 u3297 u3298 u3299 u329a u329b u329c u329d u329e u329f u32a0 u32a1 u32a2 u32a3 u32a4 u32a5 u32a6 u32a7 u32a8 u32a9 u32aa u32ab u32ac u32ad u32ae u32af u32b0

u1f250 u1f251

Enclosed Ideographic Supplement

Squared hiragana from ARIB STD B24


Squared katakana

u1f201 u1f202

Squared ideographs and kana from ARIB STD B24

u1f210 u1f211 u1f212 u1f213 u1f214 u1f215 u1f216 u1f217

u1f218 u1f219 u1f21a u1f21b u1f21c u1f21d u1f21e u1f21f

u1f220 u1f221 u1f222 u1f223 u1f224 u1f225 u1f226 u1f227

u1f228 u1f229 u1f22a u1f22b u1f22c u1f22d u1f22e u1f22f

u1f230 u1f231

Squared ideographs

u1f232 u1f233 u1f234 u1f235 u1f236 u1f237 u1f238 u1f239 u1f23a

Ideographs with tortoise shell brackets from ARIB STD B24

u1f240 u1f241 u1f242 u1f243 u1f244 u1f245 u1f246 u1f247


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