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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:グリフを検索する@4.

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Tutorial: Searching for glyphs

GlyphWiki already has many glyphs that it is likely that the character you need is already present. Thus, we first search for whether our target glyph has already been added or not.

Search by glyph name

All glyphs on GlyphWiki have a name. To search by these names, use the search box on the navigation menu to the left. Enter the glyph name (or a portion of it) and click the "Go" or "Search" button.

The "Go" button will send you directly to the glyph (or document page) that exactly matches your keywords if it exists. In the case that there is no match, results which have the search keyword as a partial string of the glyph name (or document name) will be displayed. In other words, the search button displays the list of search results for a given substring.

The search keyword must be longer than two characters. The wildcards "_" (matches any single character) and "%" (matches zero or more characters) can be used.

Search by single character

If you input a single kanji into the search box, the glyph page for the corresponding Unicode kanji will be shown.

Search by browsing related character and variant characters

As a general principle, each glyph has a related character. It is what ties the glyph to a UCS (Unicode) character. For example, if you search for variant forms of the glyph "漢", "漢" will probably be assigned as that glyph's related character. As such, following "search by single character" above, the glyph page for "漢" will be shown. In the middle of that page, glyphs that have "漢" as their related character will be enumerated. It is highly probably that your target glyph will be among those.




Search by browsing glyph components


Use handwriting search

Click on the 'handwriting search link in the search box. Drawing characters with your mouse, search results will be displayed.

Search using random glyph

On the left side of the page, under navigation, there is a link named random glyph. If you click on this you will jump to a completely random glyph page. お任せ表示機能で一日を占ってもいいですね!

Search through the glyphs listed in a group page