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''News: Glyphs made on GlyphWiki have been included in Unicode ([[news PDF]])''

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*Welcome to GlyphWiki!

GlyphWiki is a wiki where '''minchō'''-style '''hanzi''' glyphs (Chinese characters, '''kanji''', '''hanja''', '''chu Nom''', '''Sawndip''', etc.) can be added, managed, and shared by anybody.

Normally the management of a font and every '''hanzi''' is tedious, but on GlyphWiki '''hanzi''' can be easily designed and independently managed one-by-one. In addition, glyphs can be collected and made into a font that can be immediately shared.

Anyone can manage glyphs, and anyone can use registered glyphs freely. You can add the glyphs you need, combine them with existing data, and gather them into a font. Currently over ''500,000'' '''hanzi''' are registered (differently-named but visually identical glyphs are counted separately; counted together the number is 280,000 strong. For details consult the [[glyph registration data GlyphWiki:登録グリフ情報]]).

Do you know of any '''[[gaiji]]''' or variant characters? Feel free to add it; registering for and using GlyphWiki is free. You can also create data that only you can edit (the registered data can be freely used; viewing and usage by other parties cannot be restricted). Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, anyone can use GlyphWiki.


For those using GlyphWiki for the first time, please see the below tutorials.

-[[Tutorial video (basics, in Japanese)]] (60 seconds, 1.1MB)

You can also do the following at GlyphWiki. Tutorial pages are prepared for each one.

-[[Search for glyphs GlyphWiki:SearchingForGlyphs]]
-[[Use glyphs GlyphWiki:UsingGlyphs]]
-[[Add glyphs GlyphWiki:AddingGlyphs]]
-[[Edit glyphs GlyphWiki:EditingGlyphs]]
-[[Use group pages GlyphWiki:UsingGroupPages]]
-[[Advanced application GlyphWiki:AdvancedApplication]]

*Try it out

Use [[sandbox]] to experiment with editing glyphs. For experimenting with groups, [[Group:test]] is available. They are all for testing use, so overwriting things is fine. It's simple, give it a try!

The data and documents registered, as well as the usage of fonts generated is free. You are welcome to contribute new data. However, so as to not inhibit the free usage of the data, intellectual rights are transferred from you to GlyphWiki, and you agree not to exercise moral rights over the data. For details, please refer to [[GlyphWiki:License]].


GlyphWiki looks forward to your participation. For details, please see [[GlyphWiki:JoinUs]].

An RSS feed for updates is available at [[]].

*Glyph samples

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) BMP (URO)

... [[u9fa3]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) BMP (URO addendum)

... [[u9fd3]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) BMP (Ext-A)

... [[u4db0]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) Ext.B

... [[u2a6d3]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) Ext.C

... [[u2b732]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) Ext.D

... [[u2b81b]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) Ext.E

... [[u2ce9f]]

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) Ext.F

... [[u2ebde]]

Differences between countries/regions




Miscellaneous and jokes



[[Heavy rain sandbox@51]]
[[Gundam sayunu_gundam]]

Even more glyphs can be found at [[Group:全漢字]].


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