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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:あなたにできること@40.

There are a number of open tasks where your contribution is welcome!

Spread the word!

Feel free to use the glyph images and fonts generated at GlyphWiki. You are welcome to use direct links (deeplinking) to the image or font in question. And by all means, let interested colleagues and friends know about the existence of GlyphWiki by word of mouth!

Submit gaiji not yet in GlyphWiki

Please submit any gaiji you may have gathered over the years. The goal is to end up with a compilation of all known Chinese characters. The registration of collections of gaiji data is also negotiable. Feel free to contact the administrator (kamichi).

Looking for people to help with translation

In regards to the localization of GlyphWiki, English is already operational. The UI data for Korean and Chinese is also complete. We are looking for people who can help with the translation of document pages from Japanese to English, Chinese, and Korean. Advice concerning UI translation mistakes and untranslation portions is also welcome.



Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

  • (we are looking for recruits)
  • The simplified Chinese data was converted to use traditional characters as initial data.

How to edit the data

  • A line that starts with ! indicates the target file name
  • A line that starts with : indicates the position line number within
  • Of the following two lines, the first is Japanese; translate the second line.
  • E-mail the data to the administrator (
  • Corrections to translated portions are also welcome.